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It is not uncommon for me to hear that it is sooooo expensive to eat healthy foods. I say no way!

Yes, it might take a little bit more effort and planning to make it healthy eating affordable but isn’t your health and you families health worth it? I think so!

KEY tools: Weekly store flyers, buying in bulk, warehouse stores like Costco, shopping seasonally, planning ahead and not wasting what you buy!

When I need to buy fruits and veggies I pull out my grocery store flyers and take a look at what is on sale! I know that I won’t be buying melon and berries in the winter unless there is a special occasion.  I know that sometimes I will need to alter a recipe to use the veggies that I have on hand or that are on sale. I know that I will need to be prepared and occasionally I will need to compromise.

At the grocery store you will find most of the healthy foods are the fresh foods and they can be found around the perimeter of the store. Fruits and veggies – prices vary seasonally but also from week to week! Save that peach cobbler recipe for mid summer when you can buy fresh peaches at the best prices. You can also stock up on frozen fruits and veggies when they go on sale!

When you are looking in the meat section plan for the sale items but try to keep your choices to the leaner cuts and 90% or leaner for the ground meats.

Dairy has occasional sales, especially for yogurt. Stick with 2% or less for fat content and low sugar. Your best bet is buying plain yogurt and adding fruit and a little honey to sweeten it up! Eggs and milk are always in my refrigerator.

How about beans? Dried beans are always a good choice, just make sure you soak and cook them so you don’t end up with a gassy belly. Stock up on canned beans and veggies when they are on sale too.

When it comes to pasta cravings I always look for sales on whole wheat and brown rice pasta. White pasta doesn’t even make it into my cart anymore, no matter how cheap it may be. Also quinoa and brown rice – keep an eye out for great prices!

Another tool that works well for me is getting a fruit and veggie basket every 2 weeks from a local vendor – in Bakersfield we have Bare Roots – you can tailor your basket with fruits, veggies, organic, non-organic… tons of options and definitely helps my fridge stay full a little longer and I know it is always fresh and delicious!

Buying straight from the farm or a farmer’s market can offer you reasonable prices. BEST bet? Grow your own food. It is pretty easy to plant your own vegetable garden, just make sure you have the correct season for your part climate and consider a fruit tree or two as well.

Healthy eating is part of our family’s lifestyle now – it isn’t an option so we need to plan ahead and sometimes my husband and the kids need to try new things and maybe even eat something they don’t really like… yikes!  #getoveritthatisdinner ;)

I also make sure I include Shakeology for one meal or snack each day – this ensures I meet my nutritional requirements for the day and it is truly the best value for the quality of nutrition in one serving!

Don’t waste the healthy food… utilize the freezer, make a big stir fry, prepare the food and eat leftovers. Don’t make excuses, make plans!

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